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SDR Hacking with GNU Radio

Are you bored using obsolete RF tools, or not finding the tools that fits you needs? This course intermediate course is about using GNU Radio to quickly implement the features you need and make your own radio security tools! 


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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

During this course, will put the student in the playground of the Software-Defined Radio, where every idea can be written on software and to be simulated, and concretized realizing working radio receivers, transmitters, and being able to decode signal using GNU Radio.

Covers GNU Radio 3.8 - 3.10 with the different devices:
  • USRP,

  • RTL-SDR,
  • BladeRF v2.
In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction du GNU Radio
  • Software-Defined Radio processing in the chain
  • Practice with GNU Radio Companion: Block schemasParameters
  • Generators
  • Sinks and sources
  • Operators
  • Simulations
  • Modules
  • Executing a block in a real SDR device
  • Working with analogic modulations (AM and FM)
    Working with numeric modulations (ASK/OOK, FSK, PSK, etc.)
  • Transferring a simple signal
  • Optimizing samples processing
  • Features to process samples
  • Creating your own block
  • Investigation and handy tools
  • Alternatives to GNU Radio (RedhawkSDR, etc.)

For intermediate level

This course assumes your already have basics in radio and Software-Defined Radio as well.

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