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Introduction to SDR Hacking

"We just have these mysterious electromagnetic waves that we cannot see with the naked eye. But they are here." said Heinrich Hertz. Years after years our technologies evolved and made us available to observe with the help Software-Defined Radio devices that became also very affordable. But this world may be complicated to integrate.Indeed, even with all the available resources, choosing the right equipment and the lake of basics can be a real deal braker when having a project in mind.

In this course, we will introduce all the important concepts around radio and Software-Defined Radio with quiz questions, and practical exercises to make you understand how Software-Defined Radio works, how to make your observations the right way with existant tools, and save plenty of time if you are trying to identify and analyse a signal over-the-air.


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What you are going to learn

The ultimate icebreaker to enter the SDR world!

Many wireless devices communicate over very simple radio protocols. With the right tools, it is possible to sniff, decode and even replay or inject such communications. Whether it’s a toy, a garage opener or a wireless intercom, such devices rarely implement any level of security. It’s enough to simply understand the encoding to be able to attack and analyze the underlying communication.
This course is ideally suited for engineers who are new to RF and SDR or who are not familiar with common RF analysis tools.

This course is the icebreaker to enter the Software-Defined Radio world!
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Throughout this course you will discover:

  • how radio works,
  • ways to monitor, identify, and capture signals in the air,
  • how to make and analyze a capture,
  • discover different software, devices, and techniques in practice, to intercept signals,
  • how to choose the right equipment for your contexts,
  • faraday cages and how to build a cheap one,
  • covers many SDRs: hackRF, bladeRF v2, USRP B versions, LimeSDR, RTL-SDR, ADALM-PlutoSDR, Airspy,
  • covers latest versions of GNU Radio: 3.9 and 3.10 mainly.

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