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Hi everyone!
I'm Sébastien Dudek, a security consultant but also a trainer since 2009 for various topics in security incuding RF Hacking courses: RFID, Wi-Fi, Software-Defined Radio, Industrial communications, and plenty of other technologies to attack.

The past 2 years, like many others, Penthertz had to adapt trainings in remote live, and could provide high definition & quality streaming courses using dedicated plateforms. While we are still offering intensive live training sessions,  we have also decided to open more options for people who want to learn, and go further on specific topics at anytime.
That is why Penthertz Academy was created: to offer specific On-Demand content people can subscribe to, and see this content evolving depending on your feedbacks, and research publications on the related topics.

I hope you will enjoy the courses as we do creating it permanently, and are listening you feedbacks to improve or add content in the future.

Thank you!

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