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Red Team Wi-Fi

The ultimate course to uncover modern Wi-Fi offensive attacks, and counter mesurements for Red Team and Blue Team purposes.




Duration: 1 day and half

 > 6 hours + exercises


 Practice on a Wi-Fi target

Extra resources

 Raspberry Pi target image


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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

A lot of publications exist documenting ways to attack Wi-Fi network, but the gap between old methods that become obsolete and the current state in addition to obsolete tools can be frustrating for someone who wants to learn or even update his knowledge in this field.

This course aims to learn the modern ways of assessing the security of Wi-Fi networks, and how to apply these attacks against organizations during a Red Team engagement. Indeed, during this course we will be able to start from the very beginning by talking about old, current and new attacks and opportunities to allow attendees to fulfill their pentest or Red Team engagements in the future based on our recent experiences.
Throughout this course you will discover:
  • Introduction on actual Wi-Fi setups, standards, and common attacks

  • Monitoring and capturing signal over-the-air,
  • Analyzing the signal,
  • Using the right tools at the right moment,
  • Attacking communications (injection, cracking, etc.)
Attacks in WEP, WPA/WPA2,
  • Study the case of WPA3,

  • The case of open networks,
rogue AP,
  •  Stack protocol vulnerabilities,

  • Red Team tricks,
  • etc.


  • Basics skills with Linux command lines
  • A Raspberry Pi 4
  • Optionallya computer with Linux to perform attacks with a faswter compuer

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